Public Vs Private Sectors

Public Sector Services

Many communities have utilized members of our team as an extension of their staff, to directly implement redevelopment projects or seek project funding for specific activities. Redevelopment Resources can add value to a municipality’s economic and community development efforts through big picture planning efforts or focused strategy and action plan development. We provide project viability reviews and guidance on marketing efforts. We’ve also assisted communities with organizational structure recommendations during times of transition or growth.

Private Sector Services

Landowners and developers have utilized Redevelopment Resources for market feasibility and project analysis, incentive negotiation and site selection services. We can represent your project to potential tenants and municipalities to navigate through complex municipal processes or challenging funding scenarios.

Implementation Management

At Redevelopment Resources, our focus is on the implementation of solid strategy. As a full-service firm, we work as a team to provide your community with customized, cost-effective and targeted solutions — but then we will go one step further.

With Redevelopment Resources, you have the option of contracting with our expert partners to manage the implementation of the projects that we developed for you. We are willing to join your team as an external consultant, or as an extension of your staff. Either way, when you choose Redevelopment Resources, you choose implementation. You choose results.

Economic Development

Do you need help identifying your “economic engines”? Consider us your economic mechanic. Not only will we help you locate the different components, but we will fine tune it so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. These are the tools we use:

Local Program Development

We assist communities to develop business recruitment, retention, and entrepreneurial development programs.


We provide branding assistance, marketing planning, execution, market research services, and internal marketing strategies.

Project Management

We assist with guiding prospects through the municipal processes to project completion, providing liaison services between business and local government.

Real Estate

Our diversified experience means that we can provide a full suite of real estate services, including: brokerage services, leasing, tenant representation and property management. In addition, our expert team can provide key assessments such as investment analysis, market analysis, business mix assessments as well as customer-driven street programs.

Grants, Incentives and Financing

Grant Research, Writing and Administration – Redevelopment Resources offers full service grant research, grant writing and administration for projects related to economic development, community development, redevelopment, housing, homeless, large scale event-oriented developments, brownfield remediation and more.

Redevelopment Resources provides both public and private sector clients with expert guidance as they work to either develop or navigate the various financial programs available to assist in development efforts.

Deal Structuring

We will work to capture the right deal for you community based solidly on achieving the community’s goals

Incentive Policies

We assist communities in the development of incentive policies that assure performance and return on investment.

Fund Sourcing and Management

In the public sector, we have developed and managed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, utilized Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) issuance, successfully administered Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programs, tax credit programs, as well as Revolving Loan Funds and Micro Loan Funds.

As for the private sector, we can guide you step-by-step through the myriad programs and processes that are available to developers, organizations and property owners when you choose to invest in a community.

Partnership Development

We will assist your organization in fostering the key partnerships between the public and private sectors that are supportive and impact the execution of your strategy.

Affordable Housing Funding and Development

Redevelopment Resources and Hoffman Corporation are pleased to announce a partnership to provide a full suite of expertise to provide affordable housing financing consulting (RR) and design/build services for new construction or comprehensive rehabilitation projects (Hoffman).

Together, Redevelopment Resources and Hoffman offer a full suite of services, from project Concept to Construction. The ongoing collaboration services ensure that your organization can successfully manage the project while maintaining full project ownership. Redevelopment Resources offers the following services:

  • Market Analysis
  • Organizational Capacity Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Support Activities
  • Solution Development
  • Project Parameter Development (timelines, funding)
  • Funding Resource(s) Identification
  • Operational Coaching
  • Project collaboration opportunities, i.e. housing and supportive service providers
  • Mobilize Funding Resources for Acquisition, Site Prep, Infrastructure, Construction
  • Grant Writing Services – Identification, Application, Implementation, and Close Out

See also Hoffman’s web site for more information about their services:

Community Redevelopment

Our team has success based experience in redevelopment projects both large and small. No matter the goal or focus area, we have the tools and experience to achieve your aims, and can assist you from concept to completion.

Business / Industrial / Technology Park Development

Our expert staff has experience in park planning, site qualification and development. We are also able to providebrokerage services for your community.

Business / Technology Incubator Development

Grounded in hands-on experience and proven success, we will work with your community or organization through the planning, feasibility, funding, and development of your Business or Technology Incubator.

Downtown Redevelopment

Our services include custom planning and management for your unique property redevelopment projects —even those requiring environmental remediation, blight elimination and historic conservation.

Housing Development

Let us assist you in identifying your specialized housing needs and opportunities, including stock availability and development for elderly and disabled individuals.

Retail Services

Through our strategic partnerships with professionals across the development spectrum, our team includes individuals focused on the creation of a unique retail experiences that couple sound business with great design. From business planning to eye-catching displays, Redevelopment Resources can connect your retailers with the information and resources they need for success.

Business Development and Support

No matter how attractive retail storefront is, only sound business practices and fantastic customer service will keep the doors open for years to come. Our team can provide retailers with the information and resources they need for developing business plans, engaging in strategic planning, buying support and inventory control systems, as well as the planning and implementation of marketing and advertising strategies.

Retail Branding

The professionals in our retail specialist division will work with you to create a powerful signature look, develop an image and identity for your business, as well as provide private labeling services.

Retail Design

Team Members will ensure that your customers have a sensory experience that will leave a positive, lasting impression. Through the comprehensive store layout and design services available, your retail space will be a destination for your customers.

Merchandising and Display

In addition to interior displays, fixtures and merchandising services, our partners will work to increase the traffic flow in your retail space with window displays that will “WOW!” the passerby.

Site Selection

Redevelopment Resources provides a suite of Site Selection services to our private sector clients. We can make this complex process of location identification easier to navigate, streamlining your decision-making process.

Selection Criteria

Your long-range business goals drive your location decisions. Redevelopment Resources can assist you in developing location criteria that are both strategy and market-driven.

Search and Analysis

Our team will perform a comprehensive search and analysis of communities, sites, and buildings that meet or exceed your search criteria, serve your business’ needs, and work to grow your bottom line.

Incentive Negotiations

Our experience working in both public and private sectors gives your business an edge that comes from a perspective that is not always found with other site selection consultants. Let us work to get the best package while developing the key relationships that will support your business’ success.

Community Assessment

Our expert team can provide an in-depth analysis of the status and health of your community’s economic development assets. From reviewing downtown building stock and assessing retail mix to trouble shooting barriers to successful deal execution and analyzing first impressions, we can discover what the tipping point is to reach your community’s goals.

Organizational Structure and Management

At Redevelopment Resources, we are equipped to provide leadership and guidance as our clients in both Public and Private sectors work to streamline operations for efficacy and efficiency.

Organizational Structuring

Our team will provide a custom analysis of the structure and effectiveness of your public or private organization, including recommendations and action steps that work for you in your current circumstances as well as set the organization up for future success.

Strategic Planning

We provide action planning that is rooted in your community’s or organization’s capacities and assets. As a result, you will come away with unique solutions and realistic goals that are both sustainable and readily implementable.

Bridge Management

Leadership transitions are inevitable. Our expert staff will provide your community or organization with professional management of your economic development programs during these critical transition periods.

Partnership Development

Public/Private Partnerships are critical catalysts for growth and change when crafting and implementing development strategies. Let us assist you in identifying key partners and building impactful relationships that will aid your community or organization as you move from concept to completion.

Other Services

Public Speaking

Our team members are available to speak to your group or present a webinar on topics reflective of our expertise. Call or email us to find out more.

Business Recruitment Seminars

Deb Ersland has taught dozens of communities the how and why of business recruitment in a half-to-full day seminar. Empower your downtownbusiness owners through this hands-on retreat.

Economic Development Committee/Board Retreats

If you would like to conduct team building or impactful strategy development sessions with your board, we can lead the process and end theevent with actionable activities to meet your goals.

Focus Group Faciitation

Several of the Redevelopment Resources team members are experienced at focus group facilitation with multiple groups of varying sizes.

One-Day Economic Development Summits

Customize a summit to your city, county, region or statewide organization through Redevelopment Resources!