Targeted Industry Analysis (TIA) & Strategy


The Langlade County Economic Development Corporation hired us to identify and analyze their targeted industries and develop a strategy for growing the local economy. The Corporation needed an understanding of their economic drivers to strengthen the local economy by supporting companies who pay living wage.


We discovered significant challenges the community was facing and were able to address them with actionable items for short, medium and long-term which would help them better invest their limited resources for greatest impact.


  • Identified urgent needs such as a focus on improving the existing housing stock.
  • Captured a realistic perspective on the aging workforce and its impact on companies who rely on decades of institutional knowledge.
  • Equipped the Economic Development organization with tactics to support and encourage companies to attract workers.
  • Reinforced the value of the local EDO to its board members.


  • Langlade County Economic Development Corporation staff and board members
  • Local employers
  • City staff
  • Local business community

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