Last Updated June 23, 2020

Re/Development Strategy for Henrico County, VA


We partnered on this Economic Development Strategy with Ady Advantage, where our focus was on redevelopment areas in the county that would support business growth and development. The Henrico Economic Development Authority also needed a review of the services they offer in light of their ability to make a positive impact on the businesses in their county.


Recommendations were made to increase the desirability of Henrico County as a place to live and work, and to promote talent attraction and retention through redevelopment, placemaking and other efforts.

Teamed with Ady Advantage, Redevelopment Resources worked to identify areas of the county which would benefit from focused redevelopment efforts. Following visits to the community and feedback from dozens of stakeholders, we identified eight areas, paired with recommendations for investment and future uses which would leverage existing uses and create more dynamic business districts and neighborhoods.


Redevelopment Strategy & Recommendations


  • Henrico County Economic Development Authority

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