Last Updated June 23, 2020

Deerfield, WI Downtown Rehabilitation


The Village of Deerfield needed guidance investing tax increment in their downtown TIF District. A grant program was created, and our team implemented it. We also guided the Village through designing improvements to an access street parallel to Main St., connecting Main St. to additional parking and a Village park.


Over the past year, 9 grants have been awarded totaling over $327,000, which leveraged significantly more investment from private property owners. The Park Drive renovations will be complete later this year, beautifying Park Drive and increasing accessibility to Main Street.


  • Not only are property improvements being made to building where existing building host operating businesses, but new businesses have opened in improved properties as a result of this program.

Redevelopment Resources has been under contract since March of 2019 to implement investment of tax increment for rehabilitation of commercial properties downtown and for the beautification of public infrastructure surrounding and adjacent to downtown. Structural and aesthetic improvements were made to public and private property, giving Deerfield’s downtown a significant boost in value and appearance.


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  • Downtown Redevelopment

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