Last Updated May 29, 2020

City of Watertown Downtown & Riverfront Revitalization


Watertown city council hired Redevelopment Resources to create a revitalization plan for the city’s downtown and riverfront.

The city needed a central, attractive place for people to congregate.


We proposed the construction of a town square with an amphitheater on the Rock River.


  • Administration of Commercial Rehab Revolving Loan Fund, capitalized with $300,000 in Round 1, recapitalized with an additional $300,000 in Round 2.
  • New town square design by Smithgroup.
  • Acquisition, relocation and demolition of entire city block on Main St. at the Rock River.
  • Construct a town square with amphitheater on the Rock River
  • Build a hotel on the city-owned lot next to the town square
  • Complete the river walk
  • Develop a commercial rehabilitation revolving loan fund

"We have found the team at Redevelopment Resources to be a valuable partner as they provided great technical assistance, during the initial creation of our Economic Development Organization. They supported our start-up, giving guidance that included city interaction and committee structure that would support our vision. The year was a great success and we have […]"

— Kim Erdmann, Executive Director, Watertown Economic Development Organization


Project Planner and Idea Generator


  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • City staff
  • Local stakeholders

Plan Scope

  • Transformative
  • Impact Level
  • Small

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