Grant Writing and Administration

A difficult and challenging area of work has been met with success through the efforts of the Redevelopment Resources team. Vast experience with application and administration of wide variety of public and private grants includes EDA Title I Grant, Multiple UDAG opportunities, WIS DOT Harbor grants, LAWCON grants, HUD CDBG Grants, CDBG Entitlement programs (ongoing administration included), multiple Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce Community Based Economic Development (CBED) grants, WIS DOT Transportation Enhancement Grants, multiple private sector grants, EDA Special Project Grants, and Congressional earmarks.

Administration of grants includes CDBG, Continuum of Care (COC), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), and other state housing and homeless programs.

Members of the Redevelopment Resources team have established a system for pursuing Department of Defense contracts with United States Navy and Army Corps of Engineers as prime contractor and subcontractor. Through this work, a private sector manufacturing company was awarded multiple Critical Safety Item and Critical Application Item Contracts and acquired a contract with Lockheed Martin as subcontractor for Critical Safety Item supply.

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