The Redevelopment Resources team has worked for over 20 years to achieve the redevelopment of selected neighborhoods, business districts and historic properties, with much of the work focused in downtown Wausau, WI. There a total redevelopment value of over $100 million has been achieved.

Some of the most notable redevelopments include the redevelopment of a site on which Wausau Benefits located its office building development, the Jefferson Street parking structure and retail space, the Marathon County, WI Public Library headquarters, the Dudley Office Tower, the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin headquarters and clinic, The Palladian (retail/ office/ condominium) development, the Jefferson Street Inn hotel development, and downtown Wausau’s 400 Block City Square green space. In various communities, RR team members have financed 12-15 historic/commercial building renovations to a high level of quality and finish.

Manufacturing sites are also included in the redevelopment portfolio, including the former Marathon Rubber Manufacturing Redevelopment project consisting of an approximate $500,000 acquisition, demolition, clean up and new construction of affordable housing and a neighborhood park.

Another housing project was facilitated at the former Wausau East High School site in the heart of Wausau, WI. Redevelopment of a former K-Mart grey-field property into 100 units of new affordable apartment units on Grand Avenue in Wausau, WI turned a vacant big box into a vibrant neighborhood and included city participation valued at $250,000.

A central city project was conceived and successfully completed around the $800,000 Pine Bar/Jefferson Elementary School redevelopment project which consisted of a public/private partnership with Wausau School District, City of Wausau and private property owners to eliminate blighted properties and reclaim land for school use.

Economic and Business Development

Redevelopment Resources has extensive and varied direct experience with Industrial, Commercial and Incubator development. The projects listed here are a sample of the type of work done.

A Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing facility consisted of 370,000 sq. ft. valued at $30 million included wetland delineation, Tax Increment Financing, land assembly and site preparation incentives. Other projects include a Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Facility of 53,000 sq. ft. using a Reverse TIF (or developer funded) contribution; a Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility on five acres of industrial park property totaling 80,000 sq. ft. with the City contributing land and storm-water retention pond Construction.

Team members have overseen the development of vacant farm land into industrial development, closed over 30 industrial development deals, totaling over 3.5 million square feet of development, facilitated development of buildings from 5,000 sq. ft. to over 500,000 sq. ft., with recruitment of businesses employing between two and 1200 employees. We’ve also negotiated wetland delineation and remediation, storm water retention ponds, purchased industrial property, and collaborated on design and installation of infrastructure on industrial park property.

Grant Writing and Administration

A difficult and challenging area of work has been met with success through the efforts of the Redevelopment Resources team. Vast experience with application and administration of wide variety of public and private grants includes EDA Title I Grant, Multiple UDAG opportunities, WIS DOT Harbor grants, LAWCON grants, HUD CDBG Grants, CDBG Entitlement programs (ongoing administration included), multiple Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce Community Based Economic Development (CBED) grants, WIS DOT Transportation Enhancement Grants, multiple private sector grants, EDA Special Project Grants, and Congressional earmarks.

Administration of grants includes CDBG, Continuum of Care (COC), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), and other state housing and homeless programs.

Members of the Redevelopment Resources team have established a system for pursuing Department of Defense contracts with United States Navy and Army Corps of Engineers as prime contractor and subcontractor. Through this work, a private sector manufacturing company was awarded multiple Critical Safety Item and Critical Application Item Contracts and acquired a contract with Lockheed Martin as subcontractor for Critical Safety Item supply.


Housing is an important component to every community, which with the proper attention can help serve a variety of housing needs and provide the appropriate balance for retail and commercial districts. Beginning in 1989, Redevelopment Resources team members developed one of Wisconsin’s most productive affordable housing programs to include a homeowner down payment program, a rental rehabilitation program, a home owner rehabilitation program, crisis housing (homeless shelter, safe house, and Women’s Community support), housing for disabled children, and a 36-unit senior residential care apartment complex. In addition, the public housing programs at the Wausau Community Development Authority and City of Stevens Point, WI Community Development Authority have been successfully administered through the work of a member of the Redevelopment Resources team.


Members of the Redevelopment Resources team have created and updated economic development web sites, developed marketing brochures and award-winning specialty advertising items and utilize specialized marketing pieces to promote vacant and available property in communities to site selectors and potential tenants.

We also have represented clients and communities at numerous industry-specific trade shows marketing sites, buildings and development projects to potential end users.

Redevelopment Resources works to communicate effectively with internal and external audiences to achieve community buy-in, promote local assets and position communities for business attraction, workforce attraction and investment attraction. Press releases and multi-media campaigns have been utilized as tools to promote people, places and communities.

Financial Tools

The team at Redevelopment Resources has the experience and can assist your community capitalize and manage revolving loan funds, and micro loan funds. We have managed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement programs and special project funds for a variety of communities.

To assist with project funding, we have experience with Tax Increment Financing. We’ve written, amended and managed variety of TIF Plans, and engaged in deal structuring including pay-as-you-go, or developer financed TIF projects.

We have structured deals on the community side of the table as well as the business side of the table and have achieved win-win situations utilizing a variety of financing options, including Industrial Revenue Bonds, Section 108 loans for CDBG entitlement communities, and Tax credit programs/projects.


Over 32 years of preparation of plans that address land use, circulation, infill, commercial and mixed-use development, neighborhood and city center revitalization, housing, urban and architectural design, and TND and New Urbanist principles are within the experience set of the Redevelopment Resources team.

We have significant expertise in public process facilitation and developing public/private partnerships and a strong emphasis on meaningful and effective public participation and stakeholder coordination throughout the planning process.

Organizational strategic plans and business planning are also available through Redevelopment Resources. We have developed economic development action plans for communities such as Marshfield, WI, Watertown, WI and Portage County, WI to name a few.

Business planning for manufacturing companies, restaurants and other commercial businesses is also among our skills.

As a subset of planning, market analysis as conducted by Redevelopment Resources is a highly sought after service of our firm. Dozens of communities throughout the Midwest have secured our services for market analysis work, as have many private companies, developers and non-profit organizations.

Retail Support

Redevelopment Resources is fortunate to have a resident retail consultant to assist Main Street businesses and communities with retail space planning & design, downtown revitalization, and conducting educational seminars. We have experience developing and promoting beautiful environments that work efficiently, keep occupants healthier and more productive, while serving the greater global goal of ‘conscious living.’

Work includes serving as a consultant on sustainable design issues (commercial and residential), conducting lectures, writing articles, and creating films on the topic. Additionally, there is vast experience as a designer and consultant to retailers and professionals in the retail field, helping maximize the effectiveness of image, interior layout, décor, and finite budgets. We have hosted educational seminars, interactive workshops and consultations for consumers, community groups, and trade associations, nationally, including serving as a consultant and speaker for the National Main Street Center since 1995.

Other Experience

Public Speaking

Our team members are available to speak to your group or present a webinar on topics reflective of our expertise.

Business Recruitment Seminars

Deb Ersland has taught dozens of communities the how and why of business recruitment in a half-to-full day seminar. Empower your downtown business owners through this hands-on retreat.

Economic Development Committee / Board Retreats

If you would like to conduct team building or impactful strategy development sessions with your board, we can lead the process and end the event with actionable activities to meet your goals.

Focus Group Facilitation

Several of the Redevelopment Resources team members are experienced at focus group facilitation with multiple groups of varying sizes.

1-Day Economic Development Summits

Customize a summit to your city, county, region or statewide organization through Redevelopment Resources!

Liaison to Business and Property Owners

We can represent your business district or individual members during periods of redevelopment and construction, or during environmental impact studies, corridor studies and other potentially challenging times.

Owner Representative for In-Fill Retail/Residential Projects

Experience includes projects such as Passeggio Development, Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI working for Julilly Kohler, Owner.