About Us

The Redevelopment Resources team is loaded with talent and experience. We have worked together on projects as a group, in pairs, or individually—depending on the skill set needed to create the best result for our clients.

Each individual on our team brings specific knowledge, style, and creativity in order to solve problems with special solutions in a variety of ways; we rarely apply the same solution to multiple challenges. We believe each client is unique, so each recommendation, each bit of advice, and each interaction is custom designed.

As General Colin Powell once said,

“The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team’s mission.”

Our Team

Kristen Fish-Peterson


(715) 581-1452
Deb Ersland


(608) 729-1802
Tim Anderson

Strategic Partner

(608) 514-5402
Lyn Falk


(414) 840-1244
Patrick Cannon


(608) 286-0369
Lisa Schneider

Strategic Partner, Grants Division

(920) 540-1094
Brooke Froelich

Project Manager

(720) 362-0066
Marisa Mutty

Lead Planner & Development Associate

(608) 571-7434
Dayna Sarver

Development Specialist

(608) 217-6337

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